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My story….
I’m a Nebraska girl!!! I’m from a small town in northeast Nebraska called Bloomfield with about 1,000 people, and DON’T believe everything they say about small towns… growing up in one is actually pretty fun! :) I moved to Lincoln to go to college at Nebraska Wesleyan University, which proved to be one of the best decisions of my life! I needed an internship for my major and decided a radio station would be cool. Little did I know, stepping in the building as a promotions intern would throw me into a lot of crazy situations, including meeting Mr. Matt McKay. From that day on I became an intern for the morning show, learning something new about radio everyday. The more I learned, the more I loved and was THRILLED to stick around and hop on the mic with Matt McKay Mornings! I have really enjoyed ROCKIN the 90s at Noon! Send requests my way!!! :) I love what I do and consider myself a pretty lucky girl :)

Vital info…
I am now a married lady!! I married my best friend and true love of my life, Jeff, on June 29, 2013 heart heart heart
I overuse smiley faces when typing... they make me happy :)
“Let it Be” by the Beatles is my favorite song of all time… :)
I don’t like dogs….. no, not even puppies really.
I don’t sing well, but constantly sing along to songs, which you know if  you listen to the 90's at Noon...sorry 'bout that…:)
I don’t dance well, but have been known to spontaneously bust some moves…
Catch Phrase is the best game EVER, and I am honestly amazing at it…
I wish I had a British accent and sometimes spend the whole day pretending I do…
I love to travel!! I plan on seeing the world someday……*sigh* someday…