Afternoons with K

About Me!

K is a Nebraska girl, born and raised! She grew up in a VERY small town just outside Lincoln, Greenwood, of just 550 people. She graduated from Ashland-Greenwood High School and moved her way to Lincoln to go to college at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to study broadcasting. After starting college, she had second thoughts about broadcasting and snagged an internship at KFRX to see if she liked it. She didn’t like it… she LOVED it. After 5 years of patience and diligence she landed her very own show! You can hear her each afternoon from 1-6p and each Sunday from 4-8p.

My favorite song right now!! ^^^

* 90’s Music
* Sushi
* One Direction
* My furbabies



We’re pretty sure the only thing K does is watch videos.. See what she’s been watching lately on her BLOG