5 Things You Should Never Say on a First Date

Dating is hard enough already.  However, for those that are still single and utilizing the dating apps, we have a few tips to help on that next first date.

Five Things you should NEVER SAY on a first date.

  1. YOU REMIND ME OF MY MOTHER. LIKE, WAY YOUNGER OF COURSE. This can be flattering and at the same time extremely Unflattering to your date.   The thought is You feel like this girl is nurturing, kind, and solid as a rock trust-wise.  Or they could be a bat-#@$% crazy psychopath.
  2. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NECK! DO YOU MOISTURIZE? You’re a moron if you don’t immediately see why this one’s a problem.  The best option is to just compliment her on how great she looks.
  3. OH, THAT? THE DOC THINKS IT’S JUST A TEENCY RASH.  Nothing screams “I’m totally into you” like “the antibiotics don’t seem to be working out so hot.  Just don’t!
  4. YEAH, I’VE GOT ABOUT THREE HUNTING KNIVES AND A 22.  Odds are your date isn’t into Hunting or knife throwing.  They will think you are the next buffalo bill from the silence of the lambs.  Unless they are into hunting stay away from this!
  5. SO, YOUR PLACE OR MINE? Ok, so the date is going extremely well.  Let’s be honest we all have that human urge but let the anticipation build.  If you are into them it can wait.  Just play it cool after dinner and ask her what she’s up to now.  If they want you to come home with them, they will let you know. Besides, if they are that special person you’ve been dreaming of, patience will pay off in the long run



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