Willy J – Well,  looks like it’s happening! Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were seen kissing in San Fransisco! These two are dating and I think we are all here for it.

They were getting it on. I knew it by the way. I called it three weeks ago.  I’m sure you did too. I mean, you can only keep something a secret for so long. Camilla’s mom can only go on Instagram Live so many times and accidentally expose them as a couple. You can only get caught cuddling so many times until people catch on.

 Some are trying to say this is fake, that their managers set them up to this. What do you mean?!? The only thing that needs to be argued at the moment is if they are dating. The kiss may not be as affectionate as we think, but these two are romantically feeling it for each other.

Seriously though how great is this?!? It’s like we have a new G Eazy and Halsey, although let’s hope this lasts longer than that relationship.