A Bachelor Nation Break-Up I Did NOT See Coming!

I KNOW that most Bachelor Nation relationships DON’T work out… but I really thought this one WOULD!!

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn B. (Booth) have broken up 🙁 They got engaged in 2015 at the end of her season of the Bachelorette. They were together for 3 years, lived together, and she pretty much became the mom of his dog, Tucker Doodle!

I listen to her podcast, Off the Vine, and she did address in August the rumors that they were broken up because she wasn’t wearing her big ole Neil Lane ring anymore… She explained that she gave it back to Shawn because before they actually got married, he was gonna RE-propose to her and surprise her! Looks like that turned into, I guess we aren’t ready to get married.

He started an app/workout plan and opened a gym, and pretty much EVERY ounce of his time was spent doing that. I honestly think Kaitlyn resented him a little for having no time for her, but honestly them not spending time together is what led them apart. Makes sense. And if you do listen to her podcast or follow her on social media, like I do, honestly she doesn’t speak like she’s in love anymore. She doesn’t act like she had a soul mate anymore, when at once she would ALWAYS bring up Shawn and say he was “Such a GOOD guy.” Odds WERE against them. But it’s SAD! 🙁 What happens to Doodle?! What happens to their gorgeous house?!

Read more about it, including their BREAK UP statement, HERE.



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