Nothing like going to a buffet for dinner and seeing a JOUST break out.

A woman named Chequita Jenkins was at a buffet restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama last Friday night, and she was waiting for them to bring out more of the most important item at any buffet:  CRAB LEGS.

Another guy named John Chapman was also waiting for the crab legs.  And when the staff finally brought some out after a 10-minute wait, John and Chequita got into an argument over who cut in line.

It quickly turned into a SWORDFIGHT . . . where they fenced with TONGS from the buffet.  And from there, they started breaking plates.

There was an off-duty cop eating at the restaurant at the time, and he broke up the fight.  Chequita was charged with assault, for starting the fight . . . and John was charged with disorderly conduct.

(CBS 19 – Huntsville)