The Telegraph – Edgaras Averbuchas, 27, was accused of “bad form” after he proposed to his girlfriend of nine years as she was receiving her Masters degree in English language from the University of Essex.

The gesture, which was filmed and posted online to celebrate their engagement, prompted a backlash from feminists who accused him of “hijacking” her special day because he is “threatened by her intellect”.

Despite the 25-year-old’s joy at the marriage proposal, Essex University have since been forced to remove the clip due to the heavy criticism it has received.

By Willy J – Mhmm, let’s see what the internet is mad about today. Oh it looks like some people are blasting some dude for proposing at his girlfriend’s graduation ceremony. It seems people are mad at him because he “hijacked” her moment.

This happened in the U.K. and people are giving the proposal so much criticism, the school actually took down the video. Listen, I’m not sure if the unwritten rules of proposal in the U.S. are the same in the U.K. but I’m sure he asked permission from the parents in some sort of way. Since he got that done, it was time to figure out the best time and occasion to pop out the ring, kneel down and slap the question on her. Obviously, he thought his girlfriend’s graduation was the right time.

He got it done. She said yes. The crowd went nuts. It was a sweet moment, and now those two get to enjoy the rest of their lives together. Why can’t the internet think like me?!? Look I don’t see anything wrong with this. She clearly wasn’t mad that he “hijacked” her moment. Do you think the time he proposed was inappropriate?