There’s a school in Houston that just implemented a dress code.  Which wouldn’t be news . . . except that it’s a dress code for the PARENTS.

Carlotta Outley Brown is the principal at James Madison High School in Houston, and she sent out a letter earlier this month to the parents telling them they need to start dressing more appropriately when they’re dropping off or picking up their kids.

It includes a ban on:  Hair rollers . . . pajamas . . . slippers . . . visible underwear . . . jeans with rips on the butt . . . very low cut tops . . . sagging pants . . . and short shorts.

Carlotta says she’s implementing the policy, quote, “to prepare our children and let them know daily, the appropriate attire they are supposed to wear when entering a building, going somewhere, [or] applying for a job.”

But some of the parents are unhappy . . . and so is the Houston Federation of Teachers.

A spokesperson says, quote, “Having body parts exposed is one thing.  Turning someone away because their hair’s in rollers . . . is a little ridiculous.  Some of that stuff seems a little classist.”