The Week – A husband was surprised to find his wife on Tinder while she was away on business – and even more surprised when he swiped right to match with her and found she had already said “yes” to his profile. The man (who claimed it was a “lonely night” when he downloaded the app but he “didn’t have any intentions”) said: “I thought maybe a bot stole her picture. But I read her profile… it’s her. There’s even a picture of her where I am cut out.” When the couple matched, he said, it opened “a huge can of worms”.

By Willy J – OK, I have to ask, what is a husband and wife, who are married, doing on Tinder? I mean you guys are married! Tinder is a no no when you are that.

Apparently the dude’s wife was on a trip for work and she wanted to see what was poppin on Tinder while she was away. In the dudes case, he was at home and said he was feeling lonely, but he went on Tinder with “no intentions”, yea right. So he went on Tinder and swiped upon his wife, idiot. IF YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP, WHY ARE YOU ON TINDER!?!

The guy was like, “I just opened a huge can of worms”, true but what about the wife, why isn’t she getting judged at all? She was on Tinder too!

How embarrassing. Tinder is ruining our world. I hate this story.