NBC NEWS – A North Carolina mother is accused of trading her child for a car.

Police said they opened an investigation when Chavis brought the then-2-year-old child to a hospital in July because she thought the child was suffering from an allergic reaction. Staff at the hospital noticed the toddler had bruises and contacted child protective services and police.

When questioned, Chavis originally claimed to be the child’s biological mother, later saying she was the child’s adoptive mother, police said. But she couldn’t produce any documentation.

Investigators eventually discovered the child had been swapped for the vehicle the year before.

By Willy J – It’s 2019 and nothing should surprise you, and I say that as if you knew that already. So when you woke up this morning and saw that a women traded her child for a damn 92 Plymouth Laser, you shouldn’t be shocked.

Thomasville Police Dept.

 Does that look like the face of a woman who would trade her daughter for a car? She must’ve been really desperate for some wheels. A Plymouth Laser? For a 1-year-old? Ehhhhh, I don’t knowwwww. She might’ve got robbed. Let’s see what today’s market is like for Plymouth Lasers.

Thanks to Kelley Blue Book(NOT AN AD), Plymouths are going for about $2100.  You can’t undersell the Laser. It’s a chick magnet. I wish the Laser was my high school car, I would’ve got more ass than a toilet seat. It’s worth the 1-year-old and nothing less. I wonder how the conversation went while negotiating a price.

SELLER: “The Laser is a classic! With some maintenance it will run forever, I think I’ll start at $3000.”

BUYER: “I only have $2000 but I can also throw in my 1-year-old.”

SELLER: “Yea that’ll work, I’ve always wanted a child.” *TOSSES KEYS*

In all seriousness, I’m glad that the child is out of the situation she was in. It sounds like she wasn’t living in the best environment so it’s good they got it taken care of.

Look, the Plymouth Laser had a huge impact in the automobile game during the late 90’s, it’s a classic, but not worth a 1-year-old or any living human being.