Aaron Rodgers recently revealed he has fans in London, and not just the casual fan, try international singer Harry Styles.

During an interview with The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers was asked about his heightened celebrity status in the U.K., and the QB answered, “Harry [Styles] is a big Packer fan and a friend of mine, so I’m always gonna be a supporter of him.”

Rodgers admitted the European audience loves Ted Lasso, and he ran into the cast while they filmed overseas.

“I love Ted Lasso…I think the English audience is embracing [it]. I was asking Jason [Sudeikis] about that. You know, obviously, in America, Ted Lasso is humongous, but as a big and in England and Europe and he said he said it feels like it’s more embraced and coach beard was saying his level of fame has risen,” Rodgers added.

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