All I got for Christmas was… the norovirus

Welllll I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Not that you noticed I was gone, but I was. For a couple weeks! After being sick for 16 days, a fever for 12 days and 3 doctor visits… it was determined I just had a virus. LOL. A GI Norovirus to be exact. Oy vey. The holidays sure suck when you’re sick.

But enough whining! I had LOTS of sleep and lots of time to find new stuff on the internet! Here are a few of my recommendations:

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That 70s Show (1998 – 2006) // “We’ve known each other for 20 years. I was 19, she was like 14. I did her chemistry homework for her. I think I was her first kiss, like, on the show. We have our first kiss memorialized on a TV show! It was really weird. I was like, ‘Isn’t this illegal?’ I don’t know, and it was really awkward, because I’m like a 19-year-old kid. She was 14! She was like my little sister. I wanted to make sure she was OK. She has … a diary from when she was a kid where she wrote, ‘Oh, this guy’s hot.’ She thought I was cute! At first I think she thought that I was good-looking, and then shortly thereafter, I was just annoying to her, because I was like a big brother. It was like, ‘He’s annoying, because he’s always looking out for my best interest.'” -Ashton Kutcher

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WATCH THIS ON NETFLIX! We all knew Ellen’s stand-up would be great, but I finally watched it. It’s GREAT!


LISTEN TO THIS: Armchair Expert Podcast by Dax Shepard (he’s SO funny and SO smart and has great guests. What more could you want?) Go HERE.

I specifically recommend both the Mila Kunis AND Ashton Kutcher episodes! And Kristen Bell episodes of course!


Stay healthy!




The most awkward scene in Bachelor HISTORY… Taylor’s Back! Talking to magazines, at least I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time: Kristen & Dax on Ellen Is T. Swift hinting at her new album?? P!nk IS the Greatest Show(wo)man Tristan Thompson is truly an idiot