Ask anyone under 30 about the last letter they got in the mail, and the response you’ll probably get is . . . “What’s a letter?”  But there are a few people out there still writing them . . .

Earlier this month, a guy in Phoenix named Matt Shoukry sold a used VCR on eBay for 40 bucks.  And the 86-year-old guy who bought it sent a hand-written thank-you note.

His first name is Don, and he’d never bought anything on eBay before.  So he probably didn’t know you can leave feedback online.

In the letter, he explained that he’d recently found a bunch of old tapes, but didn’t have any way to watch them.  So he thanked Matt for the prompt delivery . . . said the VCR was like new . . . and talked about all the videos he watched.

He said there was footage from his retirement party 25 years ago, which he’d never seen before.  Adding, “Jeez, we were young.”  And he was also able to watch his wedding video, and see a bunch of friends and family who are no longer with us.

Some of his other tapes showed vacations and skiing trips with his kids.  So he got to see them growing up.

Matt was so blown away by the letter, he’s framing it.  He’s also writing Don back to say thank you.  And he’s offering to digitize all his tapes for him, so they’re easier to watch.