In a post found on Reddit’s Feminism forum, a user shared an image of a hand-drawn diagram, commenting “sticker reward chore chart for dads? Really??”

The image shows a grid filled with Disney-themed stickers and doodles, with the title “Daddy’s Sticker Chart.” It lists seven different chore tasks with spaces for up to six stickers, indicating the chore has been completed, which then leads to big rewards.

Duties outlined on the chart include “wash dishes,” earning dad a 12-pack of his favorite brew; “put toilet seat down” is rewarded with “no nagging” for seven days; and “change blowout diaper” gets him a strip-tease show.

By Willy J – Now this is a chore chart I have never seen before. A 12 pack for washing the dishes? A naked hula dance for changing the diaper? And a BJ for cleaning up puke? Man this guy must be stuck in his 20’s.

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His wife needs a chore list to actually get him to contribute to his family? Hey I’m not judging, but come on dude. She even offers a get out of the dog house free card? I know that is something that is always talked about in the movies, but I’m finding it hard to believe if “Get out of the dog house” cards are actually a thing? Have you ever been given one of those “get out of the dog house” cards? Or have you ever gave someone one of those cards? I want to know because I find it hard to believe that people are actually given those cards. Don’t people just work it out now a days?