Are We Oversharing On Social Media?

Abby is her name and she is desperately searching to give her daughter a message, so she turned to social media to do it, but is it appropriate? Abby gave her daughter, Ellie, up for adoption and is making videos for her, in hopes that she sees them. What do you think? Too much for social media or just a mom doing whatever she can to “speak to” her daughter?

@elliemunson_ Ellie Munson, I hope you know how much I love you and hope that someday we will get to hug each orher again if that’s something you would like to experience. Please follow along to learn more about your natural family and how we celebrate your life even from Iowa! Much love, Abby #elliemunson #elliereneemunson #adoption #adoptionjourney #openadoption #birthmom #birthmomsoftiktok #tomballtx #tomballhighschool #tomballtexas #tomballcougars #tomballlds #houstontexas #houstontx ♬ original sound – Ellie Munson, I’m Abby

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