Ariana Grande Rumored To Be Disney’s Choice For Lead In Live-Action ‘Hercules’

Could Ariana Grande be getting ready to step into another Disney role?
Disney live-action remakes have dominated the box office over the last decade, the studio is finally coming around to tackling their 1997 animated hit, ‘Hercules’.
While there is no official casting news yet, one of the names being mentioned is Ariana Grande, who would fit the role of ‘Hercules’ love interest Meg.
Grande is busy at the moment working on Universal’s 2 ‘Wicked’ movies, which likely won’t wrap until the end of the year, so there is still a shot she could be considered as ‘Hercules’ doesn’t start filming until 2024.
Do you prefer Ari onscreen, or would you rather that she go back into the studio and make a new album?

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