Parents in Spain were recently shocked to see that their babies were growing furry facial hair — resulting from a botched medication mixture. The remedy they thought would treat their infant’s indigestion had been tainted with a medicine to treat alopecia — a hair loss condition. As a result, 16 babies developed hypertrichosis, otherwise known as “werewolf syndrome,” a condition in which hair grows all over their bodies. The indigestion medication, omeprazole, was made by Farma-Química Sur, and was part of a formula for babies. Spanish health officials learned it was contaminated at the source in India when 13 parents came forward to report the hair-growth symptoms in July, followed by three more last month. It has since been taken out of circulation and Farma-Química Sur has had its license suspended. Fortunately, the werewolf symptoms will be reversed once the babies stop taking the medication.