Bachelorette: Finale

SPOILER ALERT: She chose Garrett.

I basically knew this, because I found it hard to AVOID this information online. But BOY did those producers make us think that it was gonna be Blake at the end!! I mean, WHY did she let him say all those nice things to her? Why was she still grinning to see him as he walked down and smiled at him while he talked? How could she NOT cry when she listened to him say nice things, knowing she was about to break his heart?! Why did she FULL NAME address him, like an endearing inside joke, when a punch-in-the-balls break up was coming next?! These are things I will never understand. I’m still Team Blake, for the record.

I hope she and Garrett stay together and are happy though! He totally DID say all the right things, and he IS ready to start pro-creating with her asap. It’s sweet, how much he loves her. (He IS still painfully awkward on-camera and in interviews though with anything scripted… yikes.)

Watch their GMA game above to see how well they know each other… *eye roll* PS – side note, but last night they said they might POSSIBLY move to California… NO you two, NO! Moving to LA to do the whole celeb scene is a kiss of death for a showbiz couple! Stay in Minneapolis, give your love a chance.

Anyway, the REAL question is. WHO WILL BE THE BACHELOR?! I do NOT think it’s Blake. (SADLY) Because if it were Blake, they would have made that announcement last night, while our pity for him was fresh. And I don’t know if it will be Jason?? Because if it were JASON, wouldn’t they have announced that last week?? …SO. My thoughts are… Peter! From Rachel’s season! Seriously, what about Peter?? I still love Peter! Do you? Let’s make this happen, ABC.



The most awkward scene in Bachelor HISTORY… Taylor’s Back! Talking to magazines, at least I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time: Kristen & Dax on Ellen Is T. Swift hinting at her new album?? P!nk IS the Greatest Show(wo)man Tristan Thompson is truly an idiot