Bachelorette Recap: Week 3


Since we had weather coverage AND a North Korea update interrupting our Becca time last night, we’re working with a half episode. 🙁

Here’s what I know: We missed the best part of the episode, with Arie’s other girls coming back to hang with Becca, including TIA who spilled the tea on COLTON, and we missed it! Other than THAT, 3 main takeaways.

  1. Love Blake, LOVE him. Him being honest about his insecurities when put in the group setting, was SO endearing. And us girls like boys who talk feelings and stuff 🙂 Also, anyone else get young Jake Gyllenhaal vibez from him?? He’s so stinkin cute.
  2. Very very tired of the David (chicken suit guy, that’s his name right???) VS Jordan thing. When you tattle, it rarely goes well for you… don’t you watch this show David?! Anywho, Jordan will be kept around for good TV purposes for at least a couple more weeks. *eye roll*
  3.  If you thought Clay woulda skipped a surgery and stayed on the show to “find love” you are truly delusional. The dude is a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER. I bet his coach was SUPER pissed to even find out he got injured on off-season doing something as stupid as The Bachelorette! Of course he had to leave. He woulda been a big ole dumb dumb if he stayed.  But I did like him lots- such a sweetie 🙂


Side note, I am getting kind of sick of Lincoln. Anyone else?



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