Bachelorette Recap: Week 6

Get. Off. The. Couch. And. Leave. CHRIS!! Is Becca SERIOUSLY dealing with trying to get another ex off the coach they are sitting on?!

Well the basic run-down is…. CHRIS IS THE BIGGEST DOUCHE I HAVE SEEN ON TV IN A LONG TIME. And I watch this show EVERY season… so that’s sayin’ something! He’s so much THE WORST that it makes me wonder… like, is he faking it? Is he a secret actor? Or someone the producers paid to be that terrible? I hope so. He’s FINALLY gone. Good.

I also kind of enjoyed Garrett losing his cool a bit and standing up to Chris! He’s been pretty calm, and smiley and perfect so far, so seeing that someone has a little grit is a good thing!

Why is Blake so concerned he might go home? He will get at least 3rd, probably 2nd in this thing! Poor, insecure Blakey 🙁

It kinda threw me for a loop that she’s SO into Colton… I mean I GET it, Colton is super hot and seems to be a good guy. But I just don’t see the 2 of them making it last. But he also will be Top 3 in my book!

Leo is a nice guy, who I REALLY really like as an overall dude, especially because he can make fun of himself and called himself a caricature (lol) and seems like an actual level-headed and NORMAL person. But he just formed his relationship with her too late in the season, sorry. But at least he gets a free trip to the Bahamas!! HEY-O!

Thanks goodness Lincoln is gone. He was the worst as well. And I liked Conner after the last couple episodes, but he also started a relationship too late with her and didn’t have a chance.

Who is your favorite dude who’s left?! Tweet me @Lindsey1063KFRX



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