Bachelorette Recap: Week 7

Hometowns are NEXT WEEK!

OK, we have all known the Top 3 since like… week 2. Right?? Garrett, Colton and Blake. DEFINITE Top 3. Duh! But I thought FOR SURE that Wills was #4! We, and HE honestly, were so surprised that she sent him home! 🙁
Fear not though, he’s going to Paradise and I’m sure will be a BIG hit there.

Also, at this point I think it’s obvious she picks Blake! (I know I know I know I’ve been saying Garrett this whole time, whoops.) She said she was in love with Blake! She just can’t tell him yet outta respect… Honestly, I think I’m in love with Blake too! Also, poor guy that she made him sweat (literally, it’s lookin damn hot in the Bahamas) and didn’t give him the 1 on 1 until last! (Producers, my suspicion.) And those dance moves?! Love. Him.

I think they blew the Colton is a virgin thing way outta proportion, don’t you? And I GUARANTEE producers pulled Becca away and it wasn’t her choice to just get up after he told her. And what about that preview of Tia saying HOLD UP?! OMG. I think Tia and Colton are together present-day, so whether that happens in Paradise, or during this season… who knows! Bottom line is, my final 2 are NOW Blake then Garrett… right? Who knows I will probably switch by next week 😉

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