Bellyin’ Up To The Bar Has A New Meaning

TikTok user @alishamather4 and her partner thought they were missing their beloved dog. But like any adult who has a terrible day, this dog made his way to a local pub. There’s nothing like an ice-cold beer to wash down a “ruff” day, and apparently, this dog really needed it!

In the video, Alisha comes up to the bar and inside the window she sees something very familiar. Her Pit Bull is standing there looking out! He looked so comfortable already, as if he’s been there every day for the past 20 years. LOL. The caption reads, “Just like his daddy 🙄🤣.” There must be some Irish blood running through his veins. Check out the look on his face!

@alishamather4 Just like his daddy 🙄🤣 #fypシ #viral #dogs #pitbull #staffy #pitbullsoftiktok #dogs ♬ original sound – Alisha Mather

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