Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s talk about loooooooove 🙂

It’s one of the BEST Rom-Coms of all time… and probably in MY Top 5… My Best Friend’s Wedding!! Entertainment Weekly, bless their hearts, did a reunion of the cast! Watch above to learn the story of the famous dinner sing-along scene…

And did you know Cameron Diaz actually WAS terrified of singing, just like Kimmy??
(PS can we get a round of applause for the fact that it looks like Cameron Diaz is actually letting herself AGE… and hasn’t gotten face lifts and fillers all over the place like the rest of Hollywood?! I. AM. HERE. FOR. THE. WRINKLES!)


Rupert Everett’s role was SUPPOSED to be tiny, but he was so fabulous they expanded it!

And one more for good measure 🙂


Have you seen My Best Friend’s Wedding? What’s your favorite rom-com?

  • Lindsey