Billie Eilish Talks About The “Scary” Record-Breaking Reaction To Her Vogue Cover

Billie Eilish appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and discussed her recent Vogue cover shoot.

“It was so weird, the day that all those pictures came out because I’d post one and then I’d see, ‘Billie Eilish has broken the record for the fastest picture ever liked!’ And then I would post another one, and it would say, ‘Billie Eilish just broke the other record she just broke with the new fastest picture ever liked!’”

Admitting that the Vogue reveal was “weird” and “surreal,” Billie says she doesn’t like to post on social media as much because “so many people care.”

“I feel like I wanted to post more when less [sic] people cared, and now that more people care, it’s scary to me. But it’s amazing,” said the “Your Power” singer.

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