A Texas mother is fighting to have her 9-year-old son’s suspension overturned after the school punished him for bringing black pepper to school. The mother of the Porter Elementary School fourth grader said her son was suspended for two days November 6th because the school claims he tried to pass off the black pepper as drugs. Toni Clark denies that is the case, saying that her son, Colin, loves spicy food and brought the seasoning only to season his lunch. Colin must also serve 15 days in alternative school and the incident will be a part of his official record. “That’s when I drew the line,” said Clark. “I have to fight this because (the school) did let me know that it would follow him throughout his schooling…this drug charge.” Clark said she has tried to contact school board members but has not heard back from anyone. She said she is also looking into possibly moving her son out of the school district.