Britney Spears Rages She Would ‘Rather Sh_t In My Pool’ Than Rejoin Entertainment Business

Britney Spears took to social media, making it clear she had no intention of returning to the entertainment business.

Spears said she would “rather stay home and sh_t in my f__king pool than join the entertainment business.”

Spears detailed how controlled she was during her career, and pointed out that Jennifer Lopez would have never went through what she did.

Spears said, “After 14 years of telling me no to what I wanted… it’s ruined for me… but that wasn’t the worst part… the worst part was my family locking me up in that place for 4 months… Jesus f___ing Christ… I’d like to see somebody tell Jennifer Lopez to sit down 8 hours a day 7 days a week… no car, own security of 5 years telling me at my own door I can’t walk outside for 4 months…no door for privacy… and watched me change naked and shower…”

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