As part of its Snow Day promotion, Busch Beer will be reducing the price of beer in seven states by $1 for every inch of snow that falls in selected cities between January 1st to March 21st. For example, in Iowa, Busch will be tracking snow in Des Moines. Since the promotion began, more than 3 inches of snow has fallen in capital city, giving Iowa residents $3 off their beer. Other chosen chilly states in the promotion are Michigan (tracking Grand Rapids), Minnesota (Minneapolis), North Dakota (Fargo), Nebraska (Omaha), New York (Buffalo) and Wisconsin (Green Bay). “There’s not much worse than a snowstorm hitting and your stock of Busch being low, so this is a fun way to make our fans’ lives a little easier this season in those snowy cities,” Anheuser-Busch said in a press release. To get their beer money back, residents of the eligible states can submit their receipts and ZIP codes at