If you’re not familiar with the 73 Questions series on Vogue, the same reporter films them all and asks all the questions, and some are rapid fire, and you can tell they’ve heard them beforehand and have answers ready. It’s usually actors, but other celebrities and fashion icons in general. They usually happen in their own homes, but sometimes at a hotel, etc. This one is GREAT for the fact that Cardi had them come to her grandma’s house in the hood! Hilarious!

Cute cameos by Kulture and a Facetime with Offset. 15 minutes later I’ve learned Cardi smells her own farts, has met all the icons, learned from Offset that she DOESN’T know it all, and recommends soul food in Atlanta.

Also of note, I think this is the MOST out of place the reporter has seemed… listen to other 73 Questions he’s done and you’ll hear a rapport and flow that goes with each interviewee.. in this one he says UM a LOT and just seems uncomfortable and unrelatable often. Kinda funny.

What’s your favorite episode of 73 Questions?

  • Lindsey