Cardi B is appearing on Baby Shark’s Big Show and, understandably, people don’t really know how to feel. Twitter is particularly divided.


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A trailer for her episode shows Sharki B (Cardi), Offshark (Offset), and adorably, their daughter Kulture Shark (Kulture) with Sharki B performing her new hit, “Seaweed Sway,” as she raps and shows off the new “Seaweed Sway” dance she gives the Baby Shark and William some advice.

“I got here by doing things my own Sharki B way.” Sharki B is a dark shade of purple with big gold hoop earrings and a tiara made of pearls.

Fans were divided with one writing, “I don’t think this is good for the kids. Drawing them close to someone whose career is off 18+ contents. This is bad.” Others defended Cardi saying parents should be the decider if they allow their kids to listen to Cardi’s music.

Cardi B’s Baby Shark’s Big Show episode airs on April 15th at noon on Nickelodeon.

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