– Cardi B is a big fan of wigs. From waist-length rainbow waves to mint-green lobs, the rapper has relied on them to make quick, high-impact changes to her look. And considering she has so many, you’d think she could spare one — but apparently not.

On Saturday, Cardi posted a video to Instagram shot from the audience of her Wireless Festival show in London. In it, we see her onstage literally snatching her own wig in a moment of performing passion, only to then throw it into the screaming crowd. She continues to perform in her wig cap, seemingly unfazed, but she obviously regretted letting go of the long, black hair later. “I GOT CARRIED AWAY …….I want my wig back,” she wrote in the caption, hoping the fan who caught the wig would see the post. “Dm me.”

By Willy J – Oh come on Cardi! You can’t “throw” your wig into the crowd and come crying days later asking for it back. You can’t do that! In her Instagram post, she says she got too carried away.


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I GOT CARRIED AWAY …….I want my wig back:/ Dm me .

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Slow your roll Cardi! It might not be that easy. The person who got the wig is about to make some cash!

$15k!! Good luck Cardi! Just buy a new one!