Selena Gomez. Paul Rudd. Jason Sudeikis. Eric Stonestreet. Adam Scott. Al Roker. PATRICK MAHOMES?!?!

What could bring all these celebrities together?? Raising money for the Children’s Hospital in Kansas City, of course!

It’s a fundraiser in it’s 10th year, and headed up by KC-area natives (Paul Rudd being the captain) as an entire weekend dedicated to meeting the kids at the hospital, doing various activities (a celebrity soft-ball game now the headlining one) and this year raising over $2.5 million! (With over $10 million raised over the 10 years!)

It’s truly something special! (and I can’t stop watching Patrick Mahomes hit his homerun… OMG. Oh c’mon. Even if you aren’t a KC Chiefs fan you HAVE to admit that was fun to watch!)

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2 days ago