Channing Tatum stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night to promote Dog, his new film about an Army Ranger who goes on a road trip with a Belgian Malinois military working dog. During the interview though, host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out the one thing we were all thinking.

“You never know with a dog movie how it’s going to go,” said Kimmel, adding, “Most of the time it goes the wrong way.”

“I think Marley & Me scarred everyone,” Tatum said in response.  “Every single person that I’ve told I made a dog movie, they’re like, ‘I am not going to see it unless you tell me if the dog lives.’ I’m like, ‘But don’t you want to not know the ending of the movie?'” And since Tatum wants everyone to go see his new film, which also doubles as his directorial debut, the actor just decided that he needs us to know how the movie ends.

“It’s a good ending, so everyone knows,” continued Tatum, to which Kimmel pointed out, “You might be the first guest who’s ever come out and told the ending of his movie.”  Read more HERE.

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