Chewy Employees Show How They Are Treated During Lunch

Breaks at work are never long enough, especially if you only have a 30 minute lunch break.  For Keary Alaniz, who works at Chewy, that break is ended even quicker by a cowbell.  According to her video she posted on Tik Tok, management rings a cowbell to let employees know their lunch break is over.  Do you think this should be implemented everywhere or is it beyond rude?

@kearyalaniz No matter what you do DO NOT shop at Chewy or Pet Smart. It is a horrible company that abuses its employees. Subjects them to sick games like ringing cowbells DURING BREAK. They routinely harass and fire their good employees so do NOT support SHARE THIS ! It’s very true and thousands of other people can vouch for this. #chewy #chewydelivery #boycott #stoptheabuseofworkers #workersabuse ♬ original sound – Keary Alaniz

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