Conan O’Brien bid farewell to his late-night talk show with the help of Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and The Simpsons.  Homer Simpson conducted an exit interview with an animated O’Brien. The full-circle moment found Homer detailing his various jobs over the years including “the stupid job” of being a monorail operator, a jab at O’Brien’s episode “Marge vs The Monorail” which he penned during his tenure as a writer for the award-winning animated series.  Also appearing was Will Ferell, who has been a guest for other finale shows, he told Conan over Zoom that he would rather, “pre-tape a few goodbyes, and you can just use them when your next several shows flame out?” Jack Black appeared in person with Conan and was scheduled to do a musical number with Conan where he would pretend to get injured, however, he actually did get injured during the taping of the segment and sprained his ankle.  Conan O’Brien has been on late-night television for 30 years after replacing David Letterman in the early 90s. Who is your all-time favorite late-night T.V. host?

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