The Federal Reserve is delaying processing dollars through that have been returned through from Asia. Many businesses are taking action and requiring card only transactions to help with prevention.

Well, experts now believe the Coronavirus is transmittable through “fomites” — surfaces, including paper money, that have been handled by an infected person.

Viruses can stay on surfaces in their fully active states for at least 10 days. That includes cash and all  surfaces that people normally touch. That means cash is at risk too.

Experts say the virus can live on the cash for up to 10 days!

The best advice? Always wash your hands after handling cash! That simple.

Recommendations that the public avoid handling cash entirely if possible and instead pay for everything with credit cards or things like Apple Pay when possible.

Credit cards are personal, so no one usually does other than the owner. You never know where that cash has been, right?

For those Americans who work with cash frequently as part of their job, wearing single-use latex gloves and frequent hand washing will be your best friend.

The moral of the story is… no matter what, if you’ve touched something, don’t touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth, and wash your hands!