Corpse Appears To Wave Inside Coffin During Funeral

Bone-chilling footage from a funeral shows a corpse in Indonesia appear to wave from the casket to mourners, sparking fears the person were mistakenly buried alive. The eerie moment was caught on camera May 5th as the family gathered to say a final farewell to their loved one in the city of Manado. Footage shows what appears to be a hand moving under the coffin’s glass panel as a priest read prayers during the service. No one noticed the purported incident at the time, but others pointed it out when the clip was shared on social media. “Yes, he waved, maybe he was still alive and try to dig his way out,” one person wrote. Experts debunked the theory that the corpse was still kicking, saying simple rigor mortis was to blame. The condition, in which the body stiffens during later stages of decomposition, can cause the corpse to move, researchers from Central Queensland University in Australia explained.