Demi Lovato is being called out.

Demi Lovato is being called out for their Instagram Story that criticized the crowds at Lollapalooza and a week later they performed at Sad Summer Fest.  Fans began sharing Lovato’s Instagram Story where they criticized the crowd at the four-day Chicago festival. The picture shows a huge, maskless crowd packed together with a caption that read: “C’mon y’all!!! There is still a pandemic happening!!!” A week later Demi posted a picture from Sad Summer Fest in Anaheim, California where fans were seen maskless and in close contact. They thanked the crowd and All Time Low for having her as a guest.  A fan who goes by @ElectricGagax tweeted, “I just find it hypocritical to call out lolla’s crowd and then go and perform at another festival, even if it’s just for a single performance, regardless of how smaller or bigger it is” Do you think Demi should’ve attended the Sad Summer Fest after criticizing the crowd at Lollapalooza?

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