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Doja Cat has responded to her fans’ demands for an appearance by the “old Doja” in exactly the way you’d expect, via meme.
For the past couple of weeks, Doja Cat has been riling up her fan base with recent antics, including by claiming her last two projects, 2019’s ‘Hot Pink’ and 2021’s ‘Planet Her’ were “cash grabs.”
The latest example was when she took to Twitter on Sunday (May 14), to talk about her “handsome” looks, resulting in a slightly heated (but hilarious) back and forth with her followers.
The one comment that stood out among the rest was from a fan asking for the “old Doja,” in response to which she posted a hilarious meme from early in her career with a less-than-stellar wig and her typical grin. “Choose your words wisely,” she wrote.
Doja recently teased that her new album will be more rap than pop. Are you glad that she’s ready to explore other genres, or do you wish Doja would stick to pop?

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