An elderly couple in Australia mistakenly signed for a package sent to the wrong address that contained $10 million worth of meth. The pair in the Melbourne suburb of Werribee quickly called police after the box holding 44 pounds of methylamphetamine wound up in their possession Wednesday afternoon. Detective Matthew Kershaw said the couple was “unsure” about the package that was delivered to them and “they asked each other if they ordered anything.” Police ultimately seized the drug bundle and tracked down the suspect responsible — 21-year-old Zhiling Ma of Melbourne.

“When you think about it, $10 million worth of drugs sent to the wrong address, that’s quite incredible to comprehend that someone could be that sloppy,” Kershaw said. Investigators raided an address in the suburb of Bundoora tied to Ma and found an additional 44 pounds of meth. He was charged with importing a controlled drug.