Eminem & Snoop Dogg Beef

On a podcast, Eminem explained how he and Snoop Dogg called a truce in their feud.  “Me and Snoop had our little issue and then Dre, when Dre had that brain aneurysm thing,” Em explains, “we were like, ‘oh this is stupid. This is stupid as hell to be feuding right now.’” Dr. Dre was hospitalized for a cerebral aneurysm in January 2021. The monumental producer was instrumental in both Eminem’s and Snoop Dogg’s careers.  “I think that there was a miscommunication at the time, in regards to him being on my album,” Eminem says, “I think he had wanted to do something with me,” but the opportunity didn’t happen for Snoop, and his team took it as a diss.  Share your story about a petty feud.

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