If you love 80’s movies like The Karate Kid,  then you need to dive into this amazingly well done cheesy Netflix series, Cobra Kia.  Season 3 was released on New Year’s Day and fans are upset because one of the cast members was not in the third installment.   Here is the dirt.

  • Aisha,  was the target of bullies and had a tough relationship with Samantha LaRusso, Daniel’s daughter, but was working to fix that.
  • Aisha’s character was apparently “disenrolled from West Valley High School”.

Without giving any spoilers, you would have to know what happened in the first two seasons to understand why she was disenrolled from West Valley High School.  However, it seems that fans were not paying attention or not happy with how the character was dismissed from the show.

Either way it’s an amazing watch.  Please check out Cobra Kia on Netflix.

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