For all us peasants who will never get to go to Coachella in real life… (but PS I have NO desire to actually attend Coachella, like ever. Don’t you roll your eyes. Think about it… flights, then a like 3 hour drive sitting still in traffic. Then you’re essentially in the desert with wind blowing dust the entire time. THEN port-a-potties. Then a drive to leave/traffic and you are drunk and tired and have to pee/stuck in your car… Just, no. Plus some gorgeous 20 year old Influencer in her flower crown and bra top will probably cut in line and then spill her drink on you… yikes.)

ANYWHO. I hope they actually interview Beyonce and she is featured BTS on this! That’s the only thing my favorite Netflix concert film (Taylor Swift) was missing! Can’t wait!

  • Lindsey