Here are some random facts for you . . .

1.  The trend of players wearing longer basketball shorts started in 1987 when Michael Jordan asked for his to be lengthened so he could hold them when he bent over to breathe.

2.  New York taxis were originally red and green when they hit the streets in 1907.  But they were all painted yellow within a few years so they’d be easier to see.

3.  The highest scoring game in college basketball history was Troy State vs. DeVry University of Atlanta in 1992.  Troy won, 258 to 141.

4.  The word “bikini” comes from a language spoken on the Marshall Islands called Marshallese, and literally translates to “surface of coconuts.”

5.  There’s a difference between a labyrinth and a maze.  A labyrinth is just one long, winding path . . . a maze has paths that branch off into dead ends.

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