Here are some random facts for you . . .

1.  In the 1930s before the Breathalyzer was invented, police used something called the Drunkometer.  It was a huge device that required a person to blow into a balloon.

2.  Judge Judy was a real judge in New York criminal and family court from 1982 to 1996 . . . and she had the same personality and style she does on TV.  She got her show after “60 Minutes” did a feature on her in 1993.

3.  It’s illegal to get married in Nebraska if you have an STD.

4.  Dwight Eisenhower is the only president who served in both World War One and World War Two.

5.  The song “It’s a Small World” was never copyrighted by Disney, so they don’t get any royalties when it’s used.  UNICEF asked them to keep it free as a gift to children around the world, and they agreed.

It’s the only song Disney ever produced that’s NOT copyrighted.

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