Here are some random facts for you . . .

1.  There’s a man who has edited about one-third of all the articles on Wikipedia . . . and he does it all for free.

2.  The first American sitcom shown in China was “Growing Pains”.

3.  M&M’s are named after their two founders, Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie.  But they wound up hating each other, and Mars bought out Murrie’s share after eight years.

4.  The entire province of Alberta, Canada has been rat-free for almost 70 years.  The government there decided to get rid of rats around World War Two and they still have a pest control crew on the border to prevent any from coming in.

5.  Red states and blue states have only been that way since 2000.  Before that, the Republicans were generally blue and the Democrats were red.

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2 days ago