The pilot of FRIENDS premiered September 22, 1994 and our world was never the same.
What’s regarded as the most beloved (and BEST imo) sitcom of all time, FRIENDS took time to celebrate the 25th anniversary with a pop-up experience in NYC, interviews with cast members and creators, AND their very own FRIENDS 25 app.
Did you get in on the #FRIENDS25 hashtag?? It’s so HARD to pick just one episode/phrase/favorite character, but…

Fav episode: The one where they play the trivia and the girls lose the apartment (ACTUALLY titled The One With the Embryos)
Fav phrase: He’s her LOBSTER
Fav character: Monica (I can kinda be a Monica sometimes, lol)


PS did you see how the whole cast posted this same photo on social media?!

PPS did you see Meghan Trainor re-did the theme song? Whatcha think?