Each week, the Kankakee County Sheriff’s office in Illinois posts notices about wanted fugitives on Facebook and offers rewards for information. On October 30th, police posted a fugitive notice for Brandon W. Conti, 25, who is wanted for an alleged DUI. Soon after posting the notice, Conti himself posted a comment underneath. “I’m appalled,” Conti wrote. “Where’s my costume?” So Conti’s mugshot was altered by sheriff’s office IT staff ofifice with a sailor suit and hat. “Done! We held up our end of the bargain,” a sheriff’s officer wrote. “Now, you do the right thing and ‘Sail’ yourself on in here and turn yourself in. Or, call us, and we’d be happy to provide you transportation.” Conti agreed to surrender.

“That’s awesome,” he wrote with two laughing-face emojis. “I’ll be there before noon please have the paperwork done and ready.” Police confirmed that Conti did, in fact, turn himself in to police later Wednesday.