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Goodwill strives to make the most of every donation, whether sold or recycled; it helps us accomplish our mission. In 2023, Goodwill diverted 1.4 million pounds of materials from the landfill and provided services to over 5,000 people. The sale of donated items in Goodwill’s retail stores remains the largest source of funding for its programs and services.



Goodwill recognizes that services provided by peer agencies prepare people served by Goodwill to better succeed in Goodwill’s employment programs. It is with this
understanding that Goodwill provides funding to colleague agencies to help with their own programs that align with Goodwill’s mission of willing workers employed and community resources maximized. Organizations currently receiving funding from Goodwill are Big Brothers Big Sisters, Lincoln Literacy, Community Justice Center, and YWCA Job Outfitters. Do MORE. Become MORE. Earn MORE.

Become a part of something MORE by working at Goodwill. Being a Goodwill employee is about MORE THAN just earning a paycheck. The work you do creates opportunities for people with barriers to employment find jobs. By working together as a team to process thousands of unique donations for sale, the revenue earned allows us to put MORE back into the community through employment programs. When you apply, you are investing in MORE THAN just a job; you are investing in yourself, your community, and the environment. Our goal is for you to do MORE THAN you thought possible. Be a part of something MORE by applying online today!

Courtesy Goodwill

For more information about Goodwill and its role in the Lincoln community, visit today.