By Willy J – If you have ever actually dropped your cell phone while riding a roller coaster, than I’m truly sorry, because I feel like that is something we’re all afraid of happening, but it never really does. But I could be wrong.

If you do end up tragically dropping your phone while being rushed 90 mph, hopefully you will have this guy behind you.

WHAT A CATCH! You seem him just having a good time, enjoying the ride(damn they are high up there), and all the sudden he looks up and see’s a phone flying at him! His Spidey reflexes kicked in and he snatched the phone out of mid air!

I’m no scientist, but I have been on a few roller coasters and I can safely say it would be very hard to catch ANYTHING while riding on one. It’s simply amazing in my opinion, and he made someone’s day as they thought they had a broken phone. Do you reward him? I sure hope he got something. A hot pretzel or a lemonade from the park, anything because this guy is a hero.