Russ McKamey, owner of McKamey Manor in Summertown, Tennessee, said the price of admission to his haunted house is only a bag of food for his 5 dogs, and the prize for finishing is $20,000 — but no one has ever made it through. Interested visitors must first complete a sports physical, sign a 40-page waiver, pass a drug test, provide proof of medical insurance, and prove they are at least 21. The visitors must then watch a 2-hour video called And Then There Were None, which features footage of every visitor from July 2017 and August 2019 quitting before the end of the experience.

Visitors leave by uttering the code phrase, “You really don’t want to do this.” McKamey said the key to inspiring terror is a “mind game” that relies on hypnotism to have visitors tricked by their own minds. He even said each experience is video recorded to prove to visitors — and authorities — that nothing illegal took place.